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Picturesque wooded campsite with pitched tent next to a body of water.Picturesque wooded campsite with pitched tent next to a body of water.

Which Camp Are You In?

Find your Nature Valley Camp Favorite. From Camp Classic, to Camp Sweet, and now, Camp Savory. At Nature Valley, there's a camp for everybody.

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Two front of packs of Nature Valley Yogurt Toppers, Honey Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Cherry, 8 pouches

Nature’s favorite granola on the go

This versatile granola is Perfect to top your yogurt, as an on-the-go snack, or to mix into your cereal and oatmeal.

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10,000 miles: A man with a beard leads a group of people on a hike.

Discover our 10K Miles Goal

We partnered with the National Park Foundation to increase access to 10,000 miles of trails, helping to preserve and protect our national parks for future generations.

Two people stand close together while looking towards a waterfall.

We Are Better Outside

Did you know spending 10 minutes in nature can help reduce stress?