A woman and a man standing on a cliff looking at a mountain.

Get out in Nature

RE: Out of Office Message

It’s time to escape into the great outdoors! Use the Out-Of-Office messages below (copy and paste into your email as an away message) to let everyone know you’re taking a fresh-air Friday.



Upon opening your message, its contents escaped and immediately fled into the wilderness. Nature is a large and beautiful place, so my search for your missing email will probably take the rest of the day and most of the weekend. Once I’m able to find it, I’ll respond right away.

Talk to you then.



This email probably reached me. However, I’ve recently set the alerts on my phone to the sound of birds chirping, leaves blowing in the wind, and other various woodland noises. And as I’m currently taking this day to spend some much needed time outdoors, the sound of your email blended in with the surrounding natural world.

Try again when I’m back in the office and am able to tell my ringtone apart from my surroundings.



I am currently OOO on a fresh air Friday and will not be checking my messages. If it’s urgent, please follow these steps to reach me:

1. Find a homing pigeon. They look like pretty much like regular pigeons, so good luck.
2. Teach the pigeon to deliver messages and return home.
3. Rewrite your message from above on a tiny scroll. (be sure to write small but legibly)
4. Tie the scroll to the pigeon’s foot. (This might be tough. Nobody likes to have things tied to them.)
5. Release the pigeon and hope that it’s able to find me. (This isn’t really how pigeons work, but hey, you never know.)
6. If by some miracle your pigeon finds me and delivers the message, I will be sure to respond to it via email on Monday.

Thank you.



I’m currently outside enjoying nature. And nature is where the bears live. So as a matter of safety I will not be able to respond to your email until Monday. It’s not me. It’s the bears.

Thank you for helping me stay safe.