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Find nature on the fairway with Nature Valley.

From the glistening morning dew on the fairway to the sounds of the trees rustling in the afternoon breeze, nature's beauty is easy to appreciate in the game of golf. So stash a Nature Valley bar in your golf bag and head to the course.

Spectators and golfers discover the joys of nature and Nature Valley on the golf course.

From the pristine fairways to the unique terrain of each course, golf reveals nature at its best. Nature Valley supports golf because it offers us all an opportunity to play in nature.

At Nature Valley, we're helping transform the lives of young people through our support of the First Tee.

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Nature Valley loves golf because it´s all about enjoying nature in an active, healthy way. That's why Nature Valley is the title sponsor of the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Through this tournament, we hope to help young people transform their lives by making healthy choices both on and off the course.

the first tee
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The First Tee organization provides educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through golf. Since 1997, The First Tee has reached more than 6.5 million young people. Nature Valley is a Trustee of The First Tee and has committed to a $1 million donation to their Campaign for 10 Million Young People.

PGA Tour

Nature Valley has chosen to support the PGA Tour® because they make it possible for so many to enjoy golf, a sport that is rooted in nature. As the Official Granola Bar of the PGA TOUR, Nature Valley is pleased to play our part in helping players, caddies and fans fuel their enjoyment of the game and the natural surroundings in which it is played. We take great pride in supporting the many activities of this important organization.


Caddie Hat Program


PGA caddies inspire and advise professional golfers.
They're the gurus of the grounds.

Caddies are the guys whose wisdom and encouragement help players become champions. Nature Valley applauds these outstanding individuals. And our Caddie Hat Program celebrates their very significant contributions to the game. The program rewards caddies who wear the Nature Valley hat based on the number of PGA TOUR tournaments they participate in and how their player scores. It’s just one of the ways we recognize these often unsung heroes of the fairway.

foot back

Brent Henley has been a PGA TOUR caddie since 2001. During his career, he has caddied for four PGA Tour winners, a second-place PGA TOUR Championship finisher and a third-place U.S. Open player. He has also caddied in the 2007 Presidents Cup. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, he enjoys golfing and walking his pet bulldog.

Find more time to practice.
Remember even 10 or 15 minutes of working on your skills in the backyard or garage can improve your golf game.

Be realistic.
Golf skills develop over time. So don't expect to golf like a pro overnight. Stay focused and enjoy the game. You may be surprised at your own progress.

Golf with your kids.
If you want to help kids become golfers, take them with you when you play. It's fun. And it's how many golfers, including myself, got into the game.

Caddie Brent Henley at the Presidents Cup - Day 6.

Caddie Brent Henley on the PGA TOUR at the Southern Farm Bureau Classic - Final Round.

Brent Henley and his brother Kip Henley congratulate their players at the finish of the Stanford St. Jude Championship.

Kip Henley has worked as a club pro and played in multiple PGA TOUR and Nationwide Tour events. He has caddied for several pros throughout his career but has worked with Brian Gay for the last six years. His experience removing an alligator from a golf tournament green has made him a legend in the world of caddies.

Take lessons.
It's easier to develop good habits than it is to unlearn bad ones. Do your research and find a PGA TOUR pro that can teach you how to do it right.

Build from a short swing.
Work on hitting down into the ball on the ground. Lean the shaft towards the target at impact. Then de-loft the iron.

Start young.
My brother and I both started playing when we were kids. High school buddies used to laugh at us. Now they wish they could play as well as we do.

Kip Henley playing at a tournament on the Nationwide Tour with his daughter serving as his caddie.

Caddie Kip Henley at THE PLAYERS Championship - Round One.

Caddie Kip Henley lends his expertise on the course at the AT&T National - Final Round.

Steve Hulka began his PGA TOUR caddying career 40 years ago when he was just 20 years old. Over the course of his career he has worked for over 140 different players and enjoyed watching them win 14 times. A Chicago native, he now lives in Phoenix. He's a fan of classic rock and the Chicago White Sox.

Look front, hit back.
When you address the ball, keep your eyes focused on its front face. This will help you hit the back of the ball every time.

Putt at sunset.
Practice putting just before the sun goes down. It enables you to learn the feel of your stroke and sense the location of the ball and the hole.

Walk the course.
It's the best way to enjoy the course's natural beauty. Plus, walking is great exercise. On a typical 18-hole course, you'll cover 7 or 8 miles.

Caddie Steve Hulka evaluates the slope of the green and helps his player line up the putt.

Caddie Steve Hulka at THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Two.

Caddie Steve Hulka uses his knowledge of the course to offer his golfer directional guidance.


Nature Valley Road Warrior

With a truck loaded with Nature Valley bars, our dedicated Road Warrior crisscrosses the country.

His mission: To bring Nature Valley to some of golf's most celebrated tournaments. From his iconic green and yellow van, he introduces spectators, golfers and caddies to the naturally delicious taste of Nature Valley. Headed to a PGA TOUR event this year? Be sure to stop by and say hi.

July 11-14 John Deere Classic Silvis, IL
August 2-4 3M Championship Blaine, MN
August 15-18 Wyndam Championship Greensboro, NC
August 22-25 The Barclays San Antonio, TX
August 30 - September 2 Deutsche Bank Championship Norton, MA
September 12-15 BMW Championship Lake Forest, IL
September 19-22 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola Atlanta, GA
September 23-29 Nature Valley First Tee Open Pebble Beach, CA